Tuesday, March 10, 2009

East Kalimantan's Oil City - Balikpapan

Balikpapan is recognized also with title oil town. If You resided in plane that is soon land in Balikpapan, hence from the air will seen a lot of oil conveyor ships reside in the beach whereas a number of oil bridges seen to stand up steady in the beach. Refinery Balikpapan located in edge of 'Teluk Balikpapan' cover area with 2,5 km width. This factory processed crude oil functioned to become ready products in marketing that is 'BBM' and 'Non BBM' for requirement of east Indonesia area. Because this oil, Balikpapan has developed become going forward town with various and modern town facilities. Sepinggan International Airlines and Hajji Embarkation becomes indicator for Balikpapan as very onward town in Kalimantan. Various star hotels five and restaurants international class made available in this town. As a modern town, Balikpapan also crowded with activity of entertainment amusement. Balikpapan City is commercial area where various hotels, restaurant and shop resided. Balikpapan Shopping Centre is residing in street between Sudirman Street and Ahmad Yani Street that is have become one of city symbol.

Melawai Beach
Melawai Beach, which is located dealt with this Jend Sudirman Street, is place of where the merchant's sell has assorted the delicious food and beverage with cheap price. Visitors can sit on the mat and enjoy the wave splashing and see the ships, which is sailing, yoke and also being reduce charge in Semayang port.

Crocodile Tertip Breeding
Crocodile Teritip Breeding is residing in east of the airport, 27 Km from downtown, there is place of crocodile breeding. Visitor can feed to crocodile with a chicken that bought in that place, seems become entertainment amusement for some people. The numbers of crocodiles in breeding with 5 Ha widths are about 3000 tails that consisted of three types that is Muara Crocodile, Supit Crocodile and Swamp Crocodile. This location can reach by joining with others city transport No 7.

Japan Canon
About 8 Km from the downtown in Kampung Baru Ilir countrysides, Asrama Hill area there is an omission cannon of Japan army. The position of this cannon indicates that Balikpapan is strategic defense place. From a place of 2500 m2 width we can see Balikpapan City, refinery and Balikpapan bay. This location can reach using city transport No 5 and No 6.

Wanawisata Garden
This Wanawisata Garden located in Km 10, Soekarno Hatta Street, 15 minutes join with others common vehicle from Balikpapan downtown. In garden, which built by PT Inhutani I, there is various birches and fruits rareness, there is also pounced deer breeding (servus unicolor). This place equipped with trek or special line for having athletics to jog and camping area in open nature with fresh area.

Bapakai Garden
Bakapai Garden Jend Sudirman Street, in front of PLN office there is Bakapai Garden. In the middle of garden there is monument made from stainless steel material depicting the exit of oil blast from earth stomach. At night, from the inside of this monument, there is water fountain that exit being allied with light, so it beautiful forms. This location suited for relaxing with the family.

Manggar Segarasari Beach
Manggar Segarasari Beach is broadly 13000 m2 has clear seawater, small waves and white sand. This beach is balmy place for they, who wish to play, sail and also volley beach. Place that opened start at six mornings so at six evenings is reachable with personal vehicle and also public vehicle number 7. The Beach location is resided in Manggar and Teritip sub-district with distance 9 Km from Sepinggan Airlines or 22 Km from Balikpapan downtown.

Agro Tourism Garden
Agro Tourism Garden had declared in 17 Decembers 1997 have 100 hectares width area. In this garden, the visitor can enjoy tropical crop types. This garden is also equipped with picnic place and resting place with some facilities, such as: long house (wedding-bed decorative) with Dayak ornaments, camping place (camping ground) and children play arena (play ground). Agro Tourism Garden is located in Soekarno Hatta Street Km 23 and reachable with route city transport No 8.

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