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Visit Mahakam River

Visit Mahakam River

It is located in East Kalimantan / Borneo's most popular activities in the main river tourist traffic, particularly to examine the Dayak tribe. In East Kalimantan or Borneo is now known as the world's advanced industrial province of Kalimantan. The population is less than two million, and the number density of seven people Friday mileage is one of the lowest in Indonesia, but relatively high in Kalimantan. More than 80 percent of the region, or more than 17 million hectares, is part of the woods. This is "Black Orchid" and many other species of orchids growing boundaries of protected areas.

The Banjarese and Kutainese are usually the coastal population lives in cities. The Dayak peoples form the majority of the population back to those countries that live in houses long as umaq Daru.

Samarinda - Samarinda is known for its fine Sarong cloth. City shows signs of the capital a prosperous province. The new government offices and public buildings is growing everywhere. Samarinda has a number of modest but comfortable hotel.

Balikpapan - Balikpapan, Kalimantan middle of the oil industry is also a gateway to East Kalimantan with air and sea links with Jakarta and elsewhere in Indonesia. A trip to Samarinda, Balikpapan begins. Living up to its importance, Balikpapan has a number of hotels, one of which is the international standard, as well as recreation centers. This is the second airport in the country after Jakarta, because of its strategic location.

Tenggarong - Tenggarong the Mahakam river Samarinda, the capital is a Regency Council and Kuta was once established in the Sultanate of municipal Kuta. The Sultan's palace and the river is now a museum where the old king is considered accessories as an excellent collection of ancient Chinese ceramics. Dayak statues can be admired in the yard. A curious about King of the equipment is that you have a strong likeness Java court traditions.

Every year, September 24, a former palace is a stage performance of dance and music in honor of the anniversary of the city.

Tanjung Isuy - This is a small settlement around the lake Jempang that the lake-studded East Kalimantan hinterland has a traditional Dayak long-house, converted the hotel's visitors. Grave, the head of Benuaq Cancel Dayak group is the only way. Visitors are usually a traditional welcome Dayak Benuaq. Tour Tanjung Isuy is Mahakam River is long, but interesting, are the villages and forests floats. When the best of luck, you can belian or medicine man, wearing a skirt for her journals, the treatment of his patients at night by making rites as ancestors is ferocious monitored gongs and drums. Many Dayak Benuaq still prefer the old cures are modern than government policy, public health centers are also nearby.

Malacca - Kersik Luway - Melaka is a small village further upstream on the Mahakam River in the heart of Monday Tanjung Dayak. Not far from the village Kersik Luway is an area where the "Black Orchid" is growing.

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