Monday, March 16, 2009

PT Adaro Indonesia seeks coal mining professionals

PT Adaro Indonesia operates under a Coal Cooperation Agreement with the Government of Indonesia which gives it the right to mine coal within its Agreement Area in the Tanjung district of Kalimantan Selatan Province until the year 2022 with Rights to extend by mutual agreement are available.

There are three deposits within the Agreement Area which contain total coal resources of 2.8 billion tones of open cut coal characterized by extremely thick seams of up to 50 meters with relatively low overburdenhereby otter you the following positions:

Loading Foreman - Taboneo (LF) :

* Male, Graduate of Marine Merchanshlp Academy or similar field discipline
* Holding the certificate ANT-III/MPB-111
* Experienced min 2 (two) years sea service (preferably in dry bulk carrier) as Deck Officer on board

Port Captain - Kelanis (PC) :

* Male, graduate in marine academic
* Min. 2 years experience in port captain
* Knowledge of draft survey
* Holding mm certificate ANT-III

Legal Officer (LO) :

* Male, S1 degree in Law Perdata
* Min, 3 years of experience in legal officer

Safety Foreman- (SF) :

* Male. S-1 degree in Engineering, Safety and Mining
* Min. 3 years of experienced in safety mining.

Mine Supervisor - (MS) :

* S1/D3 Degree in Mine Engineering
* Min 3 years (S1) / 5 years (D3) of experience in mine operations/planning
* Good knowledge of drilling & blasting

General requirements :

* Maximum 35 years old.
* Good conversation in English (oral & written).
* Good in computer application in related position.
* Willing to be stationed in remote location (some position in Kelanis or Taboneo)
* Good attitude, honest, self-motivated, team player, leadership, strong analysis, conceptual thinking; communicative: cooperative and ready to work under pressure.

Should If you meet the above qualifications, please submit your application letter & CV (including your photograph), and put the position code on the top left corner of the envelope to:

HR Recruitment
PO BOX 110 TTS, Tanjung Tabalong 71500. South Kalimantan, or email to:, Documents must be in Ms. Word formal (max, 500KB) Closing date: March 24, 2009

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